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Philips Ultinon Essentials LED Fog Lights

Philips Ultinon Essential LED Fog Lights

Stylish High-Tech White Light for Fog Lamps

  • Brilliant white beam with a color temperature up to 6500K
  • One piece design with integrated electronics and cooling fan in base
  • Compact design fits a wide range of car models
  • Direct replacement for H7, H8/H16, H11, 9006, 9145 and PS24W halogen fog lights
Philips LED integral beam headlights

Philips LED integral beam headlights

Powerful cool white light.

  • Universal LED replacement upgrade for vehicles with H6024, H6054, H4651, H4656 applications
  • More durable than a conventional sealed beam, with increased lifetime
  • Easy installation – plug and play replacement for halogen and incandescent sealed beams
  • Wider versatility – compatible with 12V and 24V systems
  • High tech look – brighter and whiter than conventional halogen lighting
  • DOT compliant

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Searches for headlamp applications may give you more than one choice.

The bulb number will be the same but you may be given a choice of standard or upgrade bulbs to choose from. Our upgrade bulbs offer improved lighting performance and enhance the style of your vehicle.

The information in this vehicle product selector tool is for general information purposes only to help in the choice of the correct light for your vehicle. It is understood and accepted that the customer remains soley responsible and is at his/her own risk for the choice of the light(s) needed.

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