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Philips UltinonSport LED for Fog and Powersports

Discover your next adventure with LED light.

Philips UltinonSport LED for Fog and Powersports

Get ready for your next adventure with Philips UltinonSport LED bulbs.

The perfect upgrade from halogen to LED technology, these bulbs were engineered to deliver durable, long-lasting performance in the toughest Powersports applications. UltinonSport LEDs let you spot obstacles faster, to keep you safer and drive with more confidence even in the most difficult terrain.

Perfect for snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs, UltinonSport LEDs feature powerful Automotive Grade SMD LED chips with a color temperature of up to 6000 Kelvin. In fog light applications UltinonSport LED bulbs light up the road to enhance your nighttime vision. Take your lighting to the next level with the power and style of Philips UltinonSport LEDs.

For off-road use only in the USA. Not legal for highway use in the USA except for fog light applications.

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Philips Ultinon Essentials LED Fog Lights

NightGuide Platinum
upgrade headlight bulbs

Up to 130% more vision for safer driving.* Projecting light farther ahead gives drivers more time to react and reduces driver fatigue.

  • Innovative high performance beam
  • Chrome top coating for high-end look
  • DOT compliant

*Compared to standard minimum legal requirements in low beam headlamp test results.

Philips Ultinon Essentials LED Fog Lights

CrystalVision platinum
upgrade headlight bulbs

Powerful performance and brilliant white light with up to 60% more vision.* A new patented, ultra-white gradient coating creates up to 4000 K white light for a sharp, irresistible look.

  • Up to 60% more vision* for a safer drive
  • High-performance filament
  • DOT compliant

*Compared to standard minimum legal requirements in low beam headlamp test results.

Philips Ultinon Essentials LED Fog Lights

Philips Ultinon Essential LED Fog Lights

Stylish High-Tech White Light for Fog Lamps

  • Brilliant white beam with a color temperature up to 6500K
  • One piece design with integrated electronics and cooling fan in base
  • Compact design fits a wide range of car models
  • Direct replacement for H7, H8/H16, H11, 9006, 9145 and PS24W halogen fog lights

Searches for headlamp applications may give you more than one choice.

The bulb number will be the same but you may be given a choice of standard or upgrade bulbs to choose from. Our upgrade bulbs offer improved lighting performance and enhance the style of your vehicle.

The information in this vehicle product selector tool is for general information purposes only to help in the choice of the correct light for your vehicle. It is understood and accepted that the customer remains soley responsible and is at his/her own risk for the choice of the light(s) needed.

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Philips Xperion 6000 LED work lights were conceived, engineered, and built for auto service professionals.

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Ultinon Drive
5000 Series

LED lightbars and pod lights

Brilliant LED lighting for thrilling off-road adventures
For drivers who demand the maximum of themselves and their machines, we offer Philips Ultinon Drive 5000 series LED lightbars and pod lights. Exceptionally rugged, with unsurpassed illumination and beam focus, these advanced LED lightbars and pod lights can light the way wherever your adventure takes you.

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