Automotive Lighting

Philips Ultinon Drive
LED light bars and pod lights

for trucks, 4X4s, Jeeps, SUVs, and work trucks

Powerful, brilliant, and unbelievably tough. Philips Ultinon Drive LED light bars for trucks deliver brilliant driving/flood beam patterns. Rugged one-piece bodies with no screws in the face prevent leaks. Lexan light covers and stainless steel brackets ensure long-life performance.

Philips Ultinon Drive LED pod lights and cube lights are also built to last and come in spot, driving, flood and combo beam patterns. All our LED light bars, LED pod lights, and LED cube lights use waterproof wire harnesses with DT connectors. Not legal for on-road use in the USA.

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Ultinon Drive Lightbars

10" Single Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5011L X1

10" Double Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5015L X1

20" Single Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5012L X1

20" Double Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5013L X1

30" Single Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5014L X1

30" Double Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5016L X1

40" Double Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5017L X1

50" Double Row Lightbar

Ultinon Drive UD5018L X1

Ultinon Drive Pod Lights

3" Cube Spot Light

Ultinon Drive UD5001C X1

3" Cube Driving Light

Ultinon Drive UD5002C X1

3" Cube Flood Light

Ultinon Drive UD5003C X1

4" Round Flood Light

Ultinon Drive UD5012R X1

7" Round Combo Light

Ultinon Drive UD5011R X1

Philips UltinonSport LED - The perfect upgrade from halogen to LED technology.
  • Rated IK07 for resistance to impacts.
    Rated IP68 / IP69K for resistance to dust and high-pressure water.
  • Lexan® light cover
    Excellent resistance to impacts, scratches. Won't yellow or fog over time.
  • Powerful LEDS
    State-of-the art LEDs for a brilliant beam.
  • Stainless-steel brackets
    Extreme resistance to weather, salt, and impacts.
  • Heavy-duty wiring harnesses
    Automotive-grade wire harnesses feature DT connectors for fast installation and superior water resistance.
Philips UltinonSport LED - Take your fog lights to the next level

The difference is in the details.

Electronics feature intelligent temperature control, reverse polarity protection. Won't create electrical interference that can affect vehicle functions.

High powered LEDs, combined with state-of-the-art optical packages deliver intense light exactly where you want it.

State-of-the-art LED chips with spherical LED lens design puts more of the light where you need it - right out in front.

Philips UltinonSport LED - Automotive Grade LED chips

Lightbars with a brilliant, hybrid spot/flood combo light beam.

Ultinon Drive Lightbars deliver illumination extending both far and wide for superior visibility. Beams extend from 1,269 to 2,499 feet, depending on the model. With high lumen output and a cool light color of 6,500 Kelvin, you'll easily see what's ahead with plenty of time to react. Available in 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, and 50” with single and dual row options.

Philips UltinonSport LED - AirCool technology for long-lasting performance and durability

Brilliant illumination that lights your way.

Ultinon Drive Pod Lights offer a choice of beam patterns and versatile mounting options to meet all your lighting needs. Available in 3” cube, and 4” and 7” round, these 'mount anywhere' lights are built to withstand impacts, vibration, and extreme weather, while still delivering the illumination you need whether for work, adventures, or travels.

Get noticed with the power and style of Philips Ultinon Drive LED lightbars and pods.

Not legal for on-road use in the USA, except for fog light applications. Legal for all off-road use.

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Ultinon Drive
5000 Series

LED lightbars and pod lights

Brilliant LED lighting for thrilling off-road adventures
For drivers who demand the maximum of themselves and their machines, we offer Philips Ultinon Drive 5000 series LED lightbars and pod lights. Exceptionally rugged, with unsurpassed illumination and beam focus, these advanced LED lightbars and pod lights can light the way wherever your adventure takes you.

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